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A Lifetime Sentence for a Counterfeiter in China

Recently, a Chinese court handed down a lifetime prison sentence to the leader of a gang that makes  fake Hermes handbags. The reason this sentence is unusual is that, in the past, Chinese courts have handed down sentences for three to seven years for counterfeiting. Also unusual is that, historically, the most severe sentences in …

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Counterfeit Watches: They’ve Been Around Longer Than You Might Think

Many people probably believe that counterfeit watches are a relatively new phenomenon. However, while it’s true that many of these counterfeits have become more sophisticated over time – like any other industry, counterfeiters are becoming more efficient with constantly improving technology. And watches have been copied for probably at least 2 – 300 years. From …

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Counterfeit Goods Online: One Company Sues Google

In an interesting case that could potentially have implications for luxury brands worldwide, Montblanc International, manufacturer of pens, watches, and jewelry, recently filed a lawsuit in California federal court, asking that Google reveal the names of its advertisers. Montblanc alleges that Google has been allowing a number of companies to advertise counterfeit goods through advertisements …

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Pre-owned Watch Certification

Buying pre-owned watches can be a great way for watch collectors and enthusiasts to acquire legendary watch brands at a fraction of the cost of a new watch. Why buy a new Rolex that looks exactly like a 10 year old Rolex, if the 10 year old Rolex is less than half the price? But …

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